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Back in the halcyon days of, uh, last week, CD Projekt revealed it would be bringing the Witcher-y world of Geralt and friends to iOS and Android in the form of a free-to-play, augmented-reality “location-based RPG”. What it didn’t do, however, was show much in the way of gameplay, but the studio has now remedied that with a brisk new trailer.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer, as the mobile game is officially known, is the work of developer Spokko, and serves a prequel to the existing Witcher games.

Players, in the role of a fledging Witcher, must scour the untamed Continent in order to track, study, and battle creatures “both new and familiar”, with much of the action superimposed onto a corrupted version of the real-world through the technological wizardry of AR.

Efficient monster hunters will need to craft potions, oils, and other helpful items instead of simply blundering into battle, and Spokko says it’s important to take real-world time of day and weather into account, as these can impact how each first-person skirmish plays out.

At least some of the above, plus a few snippets of overworld traversal, get an airing in CD Projeckt’s latest trailer, and its imposing AR monsters do, in fairness, look pretty cool.

Elsewhere, The Witcher: Monster Slayer promises “rich, story-driven quests” and “full-fledged adventures” that draw on previous Witcher titles, and CD Projekt says it’ll share more details on the game’s iOS and Android launch later this year.