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Viviane Araujo plans to dedicate UFC Vegas 9 victory to grandmother

Viviane Araujo only experienced light symptoms from COVID-19 after a positive test forced her to withdraw from a planned UFC bout with Jennifer Maia in August, but the pandemic hit

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Financial strains significantly raise risk of suicide attempts

Financial strains such as high debt, low income and unemployment are associated with suicide attempts and should be considered key factors when assessing mental health interventions, a new study from

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Demand for new cars fell by 5% last month

Demand for new cars fell by 5% last month, industry data shows. Around 88,000 new cars were registered in the UK in August compared with 92,573 during the same month

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Fortnite’s new Tilted Taxis mode is an enjoyable Crazy Taxi clone

Crazy Taxi is no stranger to clones. I will freely admit enjoying the rather shameless The Simpsons: Road Rage back in the day, and to spending countless hours crashing around

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With Big-Buttons and Easy-to-Use, Seniors Get Video Devices At No Charge To Talk to Family For First Time in Months

Seniors who are social distancing to stay healthy during the pandemic are now gaining much-needed companionship, thanks to ultra-loud, easy-to-use devices that connect them directly to loved ones. The Dreamweaver

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