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UFC Vegas 9 results: Vivane Araujo busts up and bloodies Montana De La Rosa in striking showcase

Viviane Araujo was fighting with a lot of emotion on Saturday night as she dedicated her performance to her grandmother, who passed away earlier this year due to complications after

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High-intensity lifestyle treatment beneficial for obesity in underserved communities

For an underserved primary care population, a high-intensity lifestyle-based treatment program for obesity results in significant weight loss at 24 months, according to a study published in the Sept. 3

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At least 73,000 households in financial trouble by year’s end

A large group of Netherlands households will quickly end up in financial trouble due to loss of income in the coronavirus crisis, despite the social safety net of unemployment benefits

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Ubisoft’s original The Division is currently free to download and keep on PC

Ubisoft’s celebrated online shooter The Division (the 2016 original, not its 2018 sequel, clarification fans) is currently free to download and keep on PC. The Division, if you’re unfamiliar, casts

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Teen Athlete Gives Up Race Hopes to Escort Injured Runner Across the Finish Line in Epic Display of Sportsmanship

The trophy may go to the swiftest, but sometimes, the first one to cross the finish line isn’t the only winner. Nowhere was that more true than at a recent

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Learn How To Secure Your Home Thanks To This Article

  How much do you understand about home security? If you know little and do not know how to proceed, some additional knowledge may be helpful. This is an expensive

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